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Our world contains enough rules, regulations, discrimination and judgement. Art allows me to break free from all these mental forms of  pollution. Freedom, vulnerability, passion, sensuality, love, self-confidence is what inspires me to paint. 

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« If I could express the deepest forms of my imagination in words, there would be no more reason for me to paint. Painting is a language in which I am fluent. As I study its grammar, syntax, ponctuation and figures of speech, painting grows to become my first expressive form of language.  »

Cassandre Milard


 Cassandre Milard Art 

Artist Bio

From dancing, playing piano, to interior decorating, to poetry and painting, it is impossible to separate , Brooklyn based painter & illustrator , Cassandre Milard, from art. It has been part of her life since childhood. There is palpable movement in each of her paintings and a mixture of so many vibrant colors. This artist’s work will bring light, warmth and style to any space. 

Cassandre Milard has been perfecting her skills in figurative and abstract art since 2015, while living in Montreal. Originally a pianist and dancer, Cassandre blended her painting skills with her 20 years experience in music and dance, bringing about a perfect marriage of her three passions. 

Cassandre creative art contains feathers, acrylic paint, rhinestones, sand and gold leaves.  Her evolution as a multi talented artist allowed her to introduce elements of mouvements, sensuality, texture and festivity to this union which extends the range of her talent. 

This artist also grew up in a multilingual environment and painting happens to be another idiom in which she is fluent. 






2020 Virtual exhibition


2020 Brooklyn, New York 

Group Exhibition


2018 Montréal, Canada 

Soirée Femme Influente Pop Up Show 

Art Gallery

Mindfulness & Painting

I have always valued living a health balanced life. However, moving from Montreal to New York City, made me realized the environmental...



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